Outline of the Federal Crop Insurance Act as Amended
7 U.S.C. 1501 et seq., Chapter 36

     § 1501. Short title; application of other laws.
     § 1502. Purpose and definitions.
          (a) Purpose.
          (b) Definitions.
     § 1503. Federal Crop Insurance Corporation; creation; offices.
     § 1504. Capital stock of Corporation.
          (a) Subscription by United States.
          (b) Appropriations.
          (c) Issuance of stock to Secretary of the Treasury.
          (d) Cancellation of receipts; nonliability of Corporation.
     § 1504a. Capitalization of Corporation.
     § 1505. Management of Corporation.
          (a) Establishment, composition, and appointment of Board.
          (b) Vacancies.
          (c) Compensation.
          (d) Manager of Corporation.
     § 1506. General powers.
          (a) Succession.
          (b) Corporate seal.
          (c) Property.
          (d) Suit.
          (e) Bylaws and regulations.
          (f) Mails.
          (g) Assistance.
          (h) Data collection.
          (i) Expenditures.
          (j) Settling claims.
          (k) Other powers.
          (l) Contracts.
          (m) Submission of certain information.
          (n) Penalties.
          (o) Actuarial soundness.
          (p) Regulations.
          (q) Program compliance.
          (r) Purchase of American-made equipment and products.
     § 1506 note.  Required terms and conditions of standard reinsurance agreements.
     § 1507. Personnel of Corporation.
          (a) Appointment; civil service exemption; compensation.
          (b) Application of employees' compensation law.
          (c) Use of associations of producers and private insurance companies; payment of
          administrative and program expenses; sale of crop insurance through private agents
          and brokers: renewals, exclusion of compensation from premium rates,
          indemnification for errors or omissions of Commission or its contractors.
          (d) Allotment of funds to Federal and State agencies.
          (e) Utilization of producer cooperative associations.
          (f) Use of resources, data, boards, and committees of Federal agencies.
          (g) Specialty Crops Coordinator.
     § 1508. Crop insurance.
          (a) Authority to offer insurance.
          (b) Catastrophic risk protection.
          (c) General coverage levels.
          (d) Premiums.
          (e) Payment of portion of premium by Corporation.
          (f) Eligibility.
          (g) Yield determinations.
          (h) Submission of policies and materials to Board.
          (i) Adoption of rates and coverages.
          (j) Claims for losses.
          (k) Reinsurance.
          (l) Optional coverages.
          (m) Research.
          (n) Limitation on multiple benefits for same loss.
     § 1508a. Repealed.
     § 1509. Exemption of indemnities from levy.
     § 1510. Deposit and investment of funds; Federal Reserve banks as fiscal agents.
     § 1511. Tax exemption.
     § 1512. Corporation as fiscal agent of Government.
     § 1513. Books of account and annual reports of Corporation.
     § 1514. Crimes and offenses.
          (a) to (e) Repealed.
          (f) Application of laws on interest of Members of Congress in contracts.
     § 1515. Advisory Committee for Federal Crop Insurance.
          (a) Establishment.
          (b) Primary responsibility.
          (c) Membership.
          (d) Administrative provisions.
          (e) Reports.
          (f) Termination of authority.
     § 1516. Funding.
          (a) Authorization of appropriations.
          (b) Payment of expenses.
          (c) Insurance fund.
     § 1517. Separability.
     § 1518. ''Agricultural commodity'' defined.
     § 1519. Repealed.
     § 1520. Producer eligibility.
     § 1521. Ineligibility for catastrophic risk and noninsured assistance payments.

Stand-Alone Provisions of P.L. 104-127
Affecting the Crop Insurance Program

     § 535  Crop Insurance Study
     § 192  Risk Management education (7 U.S.C. 7332)
     § 194  Establishment of Office of Risk Management