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5 Marketing Strategies for Your Law Firm

5 Marketing Strategies for Your Law Firm

In as much as choosing the right company to advertise your law firm is exhausting, most attorneys don’t get new clients because they don’t have the time or knowledge on how to market their practice. Or they waste a lot of time doing wrong activities and services, or they don’t make authentic connections with their potential clients.

Below, you will read 5 marketing strategies for your law firm. Let’s begin.

Have strategic plans and goals for your firm

Create strategic plans such as annual revenue targets, which you can do by increasing the market share in the existing practice area. These may include things such as products liability or branching into a different area of practice, let’s say premises liability. Also, ensure that you base all your goals on particular targets are guided by realistic data.  Here is a video to help you create realistic goals.

Identify which is your primary target market

Do you specialize in being a family law attorney, corporate lawyer, mesothelioma lawyer (testicular mesothelioma is particularly nasty!), real estate lawyer, personal injury lawyer, criminal lawyer, Taxotere attorney, or a business lawyer. Then you need to reach out to clients in need of those services.  Networking can go along way to helping you reach your target audience.  Cater your advertising to those target markets.

Create a unique brand for your firm

By creating a unique brand for your law firm, you allow the market to learn that you are an expert in your particular area of practice. If for example, your company specializes in probate, cite your track record in successful probating cases, including highlighting expert witnesses, staff expertise, testimonials and case studies, etc. Position yourself as a professional in your area of specialization by advertising in probate publications or sponsoring events such as educating citizens on probate issues.

Communicate your brand, not forgetting your selling proposition

Reach as many clients as you can using the most reliable channels as you can, to sell the benefits a client will get from using your law firm. This is because potential customers wish to know what they can get from you, and not the size of your staff, how long you have been in the law business, or how many offices you have nationwide. Tell your potential clients how you are going to help them avoid large settlements, win probate cases and avoid costly trials as well as government sanctions. Remember a customer will only want to read more about your firm once he/she get interested

Identify effective marketing methods

Research thoroughly and identify marketing techniques that will successfully reach your potential clients. You could try and know what websites they regularly use, the associations they belong or the conventions they attend.  If you’re looking to do SEO for attorneys, like this SEO geek.

Marketing your law firm requires you to address specific as well as general communication goals. But you need to start with general goals before narrowing down to specific marketing goals and techniques to achieve your objectives.

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Avoiding Disputes: Even on the Family Farm

Avoiding Disputes: Even on the Family Farm

Throughout the years the family farm has been a part of our agricultural landscape, owned and operated by the family and passed down through the generations.  These traditional farms don’t rely on contracts like large corporately owned farms, nor do they worry themselves much about liability.  The head of the family was a sole proprietor when it came to a farming business.  Once children grew old enough to take over they then helped with farm management until it was passed down to the next generation

Legal Informality In Agricultural Business:

The family farm was subject to a different tax code and requirements that the average working person, and the managed the accounting themselves.  It is vital that work with an agricultural attorney who understands these tax codes.  The IRS strictly enforces the rules and regulations surrounding farming operations.  While farmers tend to be more informal in their accounting processes, the IRS isn’t.  Managing a farm leaves you with very little time to devote to paperwork so let an attorney takes this burden off your hands.

The importance of a partnership agreement:

There are no legal requirements forcing you to turn your farm into a company and if you choose to work with family or a neighbor, as is often the case, there is nothing forcing you to put together a partnership agreement but you should.  Without a formally recognized partnership agreement, should there ever be a dispute you may not appreciate how the courts will rule on your case.  However an agricultural lawyer can put together an agreement that outlines the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved.

A case study in what happens without an agreement:

In this case, a father and his son ran a farm as a company. The son bought a neighboring farm and registered in his own name, from a company account with money to make the purchase, he later replaced. When the father died suddenly without a will, other family members argued that the neighboring farm had belonged to the company and that half of it should go to the father to be divided among his heirs

The court ruled that because the money used, was initially through a company account, it was assumed that the property was bought to add to the existing business, even if it was registered in the child’s name. If there were clear records indicating that money was lent to the child, the court would have reached a different decision. Following this decision, the son lost part of the neighboring farm. The message is…you need to work with a lawyer even when it is family.

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